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🔰Welcome to Neo-Rohan🔰

⚠️OBT Launch Date:
🕛Dec 23,2020 1pm GMT+8
⚠️Visit our website for the download links:
⚠️Web Shop url:

📣Hardcore PVE Server!
👁‍🗨Hall of Revelation as starting point(Finish all quest to gain more items)
👁‍🗨Classic Style Gameplay with no Fixed stat items!
👁‍🗨Non-Hero patch
👁‍🗨No Fused Pet
👁‍🗨Exciting Web Shop and Exchange Market
👁‍🗨Daily Rewards available
👁‍🗨NO DUAL STAT DROP! (Except for events and quests)
👁‍🗨Auto Obtain IP Ticket
👁‍🗨PVP Tournamenets with Unique and Amazing Prizes!
👁‍🗨Easter Eggs!
👁‍🗨Daily Unique Quest with Ranking System!
and so much more‼️💯

⚠️End Game items can be Acquired inside Fire Temple
✅Accessory: Flame Diamond
✅Armor set: Crimson Armor Set

🔔Acce and Tamir:
✅+1-5 = 100%
✅+6-9 = 30%
✅+10  = 10%
✅+11  = 5%
✅+12  = 3%
✅+13  = 1%

✅Rare: 75%
✅Unique: 60%
✅Ancient: 50%
✅Refine Rate: 75% (safe dlvl15)
(Higher rates for low level items)

✅Exp: x5 (Classic Rate)
✅Crone: x3 (x4 in selected Leveling Area)
✅Item Drop Rate: x2

📢Mini boss Acce drop:
🔔Berg / Vairokan / Florenze / Baron / r4 / r5
✅Cold Gaze Earrings(7d) = 25 str/vit
✅Rose Thorn Earrings(7d) = 25 int/vit
✅Grass Scent Earrings(7d) = 25 dex/vit
✅Winter Fog Earrings(7d) = 25 agi/vit
✅Red Wine Earrings(7d) = 25 psy/vit

✅Eyepatch of Healing(7d) = 25 int/vit
✅Eyepatch of Old(7d) = 25 str/vit
✅Eyepatch of Fallen Leaves(7d) = 25 dex/vit
✅Eyepatch of Crimson Flames(7d) = 25 agi/vit
✅Eyepatch of Red Velvet(7d) = 25 psy/vit

✅100k crone pouch

🔔Enchanted Tonken / Orc King:
✅50% SES
✅50% ASES
✅100k crone pouch

📢Boss Drops:
✅Ring of Prodigious Power (25str/25vit/50melee)
♨️Blood Tyrant: 
✅Eye of the Blood Lord (25int/25psy/50magic)
♨️Soul Guardian: 
✅Flash of the Guardian (25dex/25agi/50range)
♨️Evil Knight Kan: 
✅Kaan's Sealed Soul (25agi/25vit/50evasion)
♨️Nightmare Knight Kan:
✅Kaan's Sealed Heart (25vit/25psy/250hp)
♨️Ruin Kan: 
✅Fierce Pendant (25psy/50def/250hp)

🔔Rahkon Dungeon lv.1:
♨️Darkness Spite: 
✅Cameo of Futility (40int/psy/vit)

🔔Rahkon Dungeon lv.2:
♨️Amadeus de Roha: 
✅Wings of Solemn Death(40str/vit/dex)

🔔Rahkon Dungeon lv.3:
♨️Jainus Une Roha: 
✅Dark Angel's Baton(40agi/str/vit)

🔔Rahkon Dungeon lv.4:
♨️Banestone Hatehart: 
✅Crest of Helcargo(45int/45psy/100magic)
✅Crest of Groghtto (45str/45dex/100melee)
✅Crest of Levigel (45dex/45agi/100range)
✅Crest of Ruinte (45str/45dex/300hp)
♨️Fel Conscript: 
✅Crest of Deskaizel (45agi/45str/300hp)
✅Crest of Belzeve (45psy/45vit/300hp)
✅Crest of Varcyon (45str/45vit/300hp)
✅Crest of Stratus (45int/45psy/300hp)

🔔Rahkon Dungeon lv.5:
♨️Goddess of Despair Syrephis:
✅Feathers of Syrephis = 50str/vit 150melee
✅Pieces of Syrephis = 40str/vit
♨️Goddess of Nihility Celia:
✅Feathers of Celia = 50dex/50vit 150magic
✅Pieces of Celia = 40int/vit
♨️Goddess of Dazzlement Shuriel:
✅Feathers of Shuriel = 50int/vit 150magic
✅Pieces of Shuriel =  40 dex/vit

📢Major Boss Drops:
♨️Goddess of Wind Silva: 
✅Feathers of Goddess Silva = 60int 60vit 200magic
✅Piece of Silva = 30 allstat
✅Bezemut's Eyes = 60dex 60vit 200range
♨️Ruler of Ancient Darkness: 
✅Wrath of Ancient Darkness = 60str 60vit 200melee
✅Heart of Igseilt = 60 vit 1500hp 1000mp
♨️Kallistia's Tyrant: 
✅Eudrome's Ring = 60vit 42str 42dex
✅Eudrome's Bracer = 60vit 42dex 42agi
✅Eudrome's Necklace = 60vit 42int 42psy

💮Kindly join our Official facebook group:
👁‍🗨Found a bug or glitch in-game? Join our FB group and discuss it with us!

📋Top-up Information:
✔️Gcash#: 09179903528
✔️Gcash Backup#: 09508997996

🛎Palawan & Cebuana Lhuilier
✏️Mark Robin D. Macam
🌐Surigao City

🛎Western Union:
✏️John Kenneth Gliponeo
🌐Imus Cavite

📊Bank Transfer:
✏️ACCT #: 2000-2854-3637

💰Rohan points convertion:
💵₱1 php = 11 rps
💵$1 dollar = 470 rps
💵₱500 php = 5500 rps
💵$11 dollar = 5500 rps

📝If you have any inquiries about the game/top-up you can contact our friendly GMs
✔️GM Light:
✔️GM Mantra:
✔️GM Bambi:



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