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Server Information you need to look into

🔰Welcome to Neo-Rohan🔰 ⚠️OBT Launch Date: 🕛Dec 23,2020 1pm GMT+8 ⚠️Visit our website for the download links: 💭 ⚠️Web Shop url: 💭 ⚠️SERVER INFORMATION⚠️   📣Hardcore PVE Server! 👁‍🗨Hall of Revelation as starting point(Finish all quest to gain more items) 👁‍🗨Classic Style Gameplay with no Fixed stat items! 👁‍🗨Non-Hero patch 👁‍🗨No Fused Pet 👁‍🗨Exciting Web Shop and Exchange Market 👁‍🗨Daily Rewards available 👁‍🗨NO DUAL STAT DROP! (Except for events and quests) 👁‍🗨Auto Obtain IP Ticket 👁‍🗨DAILY, WEEKLY, And MONTHLY EVENTS! 👁‍🗨PVP Tournamenets with Unique and Amazing Prizes! 👁‍🗨PLP EVENTS! 👁‍🗨Easter Eggs! 👁‍🗨LEVEL UP REWARDS! 👁‍🗨Daily Unique Quest with Ranking System! and so much more‼️💯 ⚠️End Game items can be Acquired inside Fire Temple ✅Accessory: Flame Diamond ✅Armor set: Crimson Armor Set 📋RATES: 🔔Acce and Tamir: ✅+1-5 = 100% ✅+6-9 = 30% ✅+10  = 10% ✅+11  = 5% ✅+12  = 3% ✅+13  = 1% 🔔FORGING: ✅Rare: 75

DC 5101 Fix & Rohan Client (Deleted) Issue fix guide

  For those who is getting disconnected in Character Selection, kindly follow these steps for fix: Step 1: go to Step 2: log in your account (that's been getting disconnected) Step 3: Click "Fix 5101" (inside the red box) Step 4: Click "Submit Fix 5101" Step 5: Try to log in your account ingame If your rohanclient keeps on getting deleted here's what you will do: Windows Defender exclude folder Windows 10: Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat protection. Under Virus & threat protection settings, select Manage settings, and then under Exclusions, select Add or remove exclusions. Select Add an exclusion, and then select folder, locate NeoRohan folder. Then you're good to go!

How to claim your Daily Reward:

"Daily Rewards are now Available in our Web Shop" Web Shop link: Steps in claiming your Daily Reward: Step 1: You need at least 3hr playing time per day to claim reward. Playing time will be reset every      day at 12 Midnight. Step 2: Log in your account in our Web shop (link provided) Step 3: Go to Daily rewards (as shown in the picture) Step 4: Claim your Reward corresponding to the current date (as shown in the picture) Step 5: Go to Event Rewards under My Account category (as shown in the picture), and claim your reward. Step 6: Check your Event inventory ingame for the rewards.

Crimson Set / Flame Diamond Quest Guide

FIRE TEMPLE WALKTHROUGH: "Quests for Entrance Tickets of Fire Temple Garden Dungeons" Quest Title: Sacrifice of Flames Starting NPC: Shu Quest Objective: Collect 20 bark Hint: Kill Flame Drys, Drys of Rage, or Drys of Darkness Reward: Kasa’s Command Quest Title: Eyes Observing Me Starting NPC: Polken Quest Objective: Collect 20 Warden's Eye Hint: Kill Sorceress of Shadow, Sorceress of Bane, or Sorceress of Darkness Reward: Evil Eyes Quest Title: Flame Sacred Starting NPC: Lev Quest Objective: Collect 20 Heart of Evil Spirit Hint: Kill Flame Archer, Warden of Flame, or Knights of Flames Departed Spirit. Always get this quest before entering Lamp of Flames and Ring of Flames Reward: Wings of Light ========================================================================= " Quests for Boss Summoning" Quest Title: Awaited Hero Starting NPC: Naz Quest Objective: Collect 1 Phoenix Green Feather, 1 Phoenix Grey Feather, and 1 Phoenix Stone Hint: Kill boss monsters Rewar

Leveling Guide

 Level 1-10 (Tutorial Zone) (Take/Finish all Quest inside this map) Level 11-40 (Gathering Hall / Ahkma Cave) Level 41-50 (Rahkon Dungeon Lv.1 / Altar of Roha) "Limestone Foothill Portal" "Pine Plateau Portal" Level 51-70 (Rahkon Dungeon Lv.3 / Spire of Redemption) "Rahkon Dungeon Lv.3 Portal" "Limestone Foothill" Level 71-90 (Rahkon Dungeon Lv.4 / Calamander Tower / Stairway of Restraint)  "Rahkon Dungeon Lv.4" "Southern Shielynth" "Mangrove Bay" Level 91-110 (Hazy / Ronelia / Rahkon Dungeon Lv.5) "Hazy" "Hazy Underground Waterway" "Ronelia Exterior" "Ronelia Interior" "Ronelia Underground Cell" "Rahkon Dungeon Lv.5"